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The following is a sampling of the many quality projects we have produced. For a full listing of our Architecture experience, please click here.

Hardee County Utilities Building
Hardee County, FL

ICON Design Group, Inc., in conjunction with Craig A. Smith & Associates, provided the architecture, site design, MEP, landscape design, and project administration services for the 6,000 SF free standing facility for Hardee County Utilities Department. The facility was designed to house the administrative staff and create space for their electronic system. Designed with additional roofed/covered parking for future expansion, the structure will also serve as a shelter during hurricanes and other emergencies. As always, the project was designed and built on time and on budget. The total cost of construction for the facility was $1.5 million.

Boca Ballet Theatre – New Studio Facilities
Boca Raton, FL

The artistic directors of Boca Ballet Theatre came to ICON Design Group, Inc with an incredible need after their existing facilities were damaged by a fire and their organization was forced to relocate. To add fuel to the fire, Boca Ballet was also mid-season and temporarily rehearsing in just about any space they could find.

ICON stepped up to the plate by suggesting to convert a totally vacant and open 25,000 SF warehouse in Boca Raton into the new home for the non-for-profit organization. The project, which needed to be designed and constructed in an unbelievable 90-day turn-around period, included the design and construction of three major dance and rehearsal studios, administrative facilities, storage for their large inventory of sets and supplies, a temperature and climate-controlled costume storage facility, a costume alteration shop, dressing rooms, and other related amenities. 

Working around the clock and donating incredible resources to help the dance company move into their new home, the new studios were designed and built within the 90-day period with impeccable quality and under the already-restricted budget. The facilities have since gained state-wide recognition for being one of the finest dance facilities in the state of Florida.

To see more about this incredible project, please refer to the “Our Legacy” tab under Boca Ballet Theatre.

New Renaissance School – School Board of Broward County
Miramar, FL

A joint venture between ICON Design Group and R.J. Behar & Company, Inc., the project entailed providing the design and specifications needed for the complete exterior remediation efforts required for the school’s buildings. ICON’s services included architectural design and construction management services. The estimated construction cost for the project is $1.5 million.

Miccosukee Tribe – Water Facility Building:
Miami, FL

Deep in the Everglades, the Miccosukee Tribe of Florida has seen an incredible increase in their demand for water supply and needed their facilities to be increased to meet that new demand.

In conjunction with Craig A. Smith & Associates, ICON Design Group, Inc. provided the architecture design for the tilt-up panel concrete facility to house their administrative staff, as well as the water treatment equipment and electrical components themselves.

The building, which needed to match their unique existing architecture, was also designed to be a shelter during the threat of hurricanes or other emergencies. The total budget for the project was approximately $3 million.

Respect Life Ministry Clinic and Administrative Building
Miami-Dade County, FL

This 5,000 SF clinic and administrative facility, funded entirely by a private donor, will house the Miami Dade County Archdiocese of Miami’s Respect Life Ministry. ICON Design Group, Inc. was brought in to provide the architectural design, civil engineering, site design, construction, and project management services.

This project is unique in its sustainable approach, utilizing and assembling existing shipping containers to provide the structural skeleton and framing for the structure. Reusing the containers provides a strong, yet recycled, approach to the facility, meeting all required structural codes and requirements. The facility will also be able to provide shelter for those in the area in the case of a hurricane or other similar emergencies. The budget for this facility is $750,000. 

Camino Real Community Church – School Addition & Remodeling:
Boca Raton, FL

ICON Design Group, Inc., in conjunction with Project Controls of Florida, provided design/build services for this school expansion. Combining the existing structure of the school and church, additional classrooms and infrastructure were provided, keeping the budget and time requirements to a minimum. Combining the strengths of both companies, this joint venture team was able to produce a quality project on time and within the $1.2 million budget.

Delray Eye Associates
Delray Beach, FL

ICON Design Group, Inc. provided the site design, civil engineering, architecture and MEP services for this joint venture with Project Controls of Florida. The state-of-the-art eye clinic and surgery center is a free standing 10,300 SF facility. The building is a CBS single story building with a second floor for secure records space. This design/build project was built on time, on budget, and with true ICON quality.

Store Tech – Headquarters Facility
Delray Beach, FL

ICON Design Group, Inc. provided the architecture, site design, civil engineering, MEP, and construction services for this 18,500 SF concrete tilt up panel facility. The Design/Build project was built in true ICON fashion: on time, on budget, and with impeccable quality.

The Cardiology Center, Inc.
Delray Beach, FL

Dr. Luis Snyder, a prominent cardiologist in the South Florida area, requested ICON’s services to re-design their existing 3,000 SF facilities and design/build a major 8,000 SF expansion, all while maintaining and not disrupting the center’s existing patient schedule. 

Built on schedule and within budget, the project included top-quality MRI & X-Ray facilities, lavatories, administrative offices, waiting rooms, and all other related amenities and spaces.

Fernandez Residence
Boca Raton, FL

A one-of-kind Mediterranean – Spanish revival, the Fernandez Estate boasts 7,300 SF of top of the line architecture, amenities, and landscaping. This single family estate was both designed and constructed by ICON Design Group, Inc. in beautiful east Boca Raton and is estimated at $2.5 million.

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